Control fluids

The control fluid is used to check that the glycaemia monitoring system is working properly.

The control fluid test is similar to the control fluid test performed on a blood sample except that instead of blood, the control fluid is used that contains a certain amount of glucose that is reactive with the enzyme in the test strip.



Before testing on the meter, set the control mode by setting the QC symbol. In this mode, the result will not be stored in the meter memory, so that the control test result does not affect the sequence of test results for blood glucose concentrations stored in the memory or the mean of glycaemia.

The result obtained from the second drop of control fluid should be compared with the ranges found on the packaging of the test strip vials (not on the packaging of control fluid).

When is it recommended to perform a control test?

  1. Before using the meter for the first time.
  2. Before using the new test strip packaging.
  3. If you suspect that the test strips or the meter are not working properly.
  4. If the results obtained are inconsistent with the patient’s well-being or if the user believes that they may be inaccurate.
  5. If the test strips have been exposed to extreme conditions.
  6. After dropping the meter.
  7. In order to practice the test procedure.

Glucomaxx and Glucomaxx CONNECT glycaemia monitoring systems are compatible with the following control fluids: W2 and B3.

The iXell, iXell Oled, iXell Audio, Glucosesne pro, Glucosense mini and Glucosense are compatible with the following control fluids: low, medium, high.

NOTE: the control fluid ranges do NOT correspond to hypoglycaemia, normoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia.

Glucosesne/iXell low, medium high and Glucomaxx W2, B3 control fluids are available at the pharmacies.