GlucoSave is a free computer program for:

– Patients who use Genexo glucometers,
– medical personnel (physicians, nurses).

GlucoSave for Patients
– quick access to an electronic self-monitoring diary,
– intelligible and printable graphs of your measurement results,
– the option to share the result reports with a physician without leaving your home,
– clear visualization of time in the target range,
– diabetes compensation calculators.

GlucoSave for medical personnel
The program is available in a desktop version and in a cloud version accessible via an Internet browser.
– the option to create a user base with intuitive filtering,
– individual ranges entered separately for each user,
– automated recognition of the assigned user and the glucometer model,
– quick preview of the results without having to create an account,
– analysis of the results in mg/dL or mmol/L.

Additional cloud solution:
– automated download and saving of results for a patient who uses the Glucomaxx® CONNECT glucometer and the Zdrowiej application,
– consultation based on the intelligible result reports, with no need to visit the office,
– access to the patients’ results and history regardless of the location.

The foundation of our solutions is the safety of data collection and processing in accordance with the guidelines set forth by regulations, including the Personal Data Protection Act, Patient’s Rights and Commissioner for Patients’ Rights Act, Regulation of the Minister of Health on the types and scope of medical documentation, including the manner of its processing, including electronic documentation.

The GlucoSave computer program is compatible with the following glucometers:

iXell® Audio
iXell® Pro
Glucosense pro gs
Glucosense® Pro


download the program (program download link)

GlucoSave program features (individual screens from the software – examples below):

Current device
Self-monitoring Diary
Daily graphs
Linear graph
Circle graph