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Learn about an application that will make your life with diabetes easier!

Benefits of the app

  • Remote sharing of results with your physician
  • Better diabetes control due to reminders about regular measurements
  • Motivation to engage in physical activities (e.g. pedometer)
  • Treatment process support (e.g. interesting facts about diabetes)

The ZDROWIEJ application is supported by Glucomaxx® Connect glucometer, iXellence® BPM Home IT blood pressure monitor and iXellence® TEMP IT thermometer. All medical devices are certified. 

glukometr Glucomaxx® Connect
termometr iXellence® TEMP IT
ciśnieniomierz iXellence® Home IT


Measurement results are automatically recorded in the app and presented as a diary, easy-to-read graphs, reports and statistics important for your health.

The application helps to comply with the recommendations of the treating physician and the Polish Diabetes Society. It supports you in your daily routine, helps to better understand the disease and how your lifestyle impacts your health.

An important element of the app is an education module, which uses short trivia and longer articles to help you understand how much you can influence your health and how much you can do.

Main app functions:

  • Current results are presented in the form of clear charts, clear reports and important statistics
  • Measurement results can be entered manually or automatically using dedicated devices
  • You can share a selected report for any period of time with your treating physician
  • The measurement result may be described with the use of an additional event, such as physical activity, your wellbeing or administration of medicine or insulin
  • Reminder to carry out a full blood glucose level profile and semi-profile, in accordance with Polish Diabetes Society’s guidelines
  • HbA1c estimate without the need for a laboratory test; this estimate indicates the risk of late diabetes complications
  • Monitoring of current results in comparison with target values, which allows for assessing treatment progress

In addition:

  • Numerous reminder options
  • Pedometer helping to monitor daily physical activities

Direct access for Zdrowiej app users to reliable information and medical advice published on the partner website

We also encourage you to join Szkoła Diabetyka group on Facebook, where people with the disease share knowledge, good practices and experiences on an ongoing basis.

Regular blood glucose monitoring is an integral part of diabetes treatment.

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